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Best Electric Coffee Grinder – What To Look For?

If you’re a lover of coffee like me, you will or might have already noticed the tendency of pre-ground coffee to lose its flavor when stored for more than a couple of days. The number one solution to avoid dealing with such a disappointment is to buy a coffee grinder, with which you will be grinding your coffee beans and consuming it only when you need it, thus having it, fresher than before.

It may save you the time you would have spent looking for fresh pre-ground coffee. However, there are many different types of coffee grinders in the market, most of which have different functionalities, advantages, and disadvantages, not forgetting that the issue of pricing is still important as far as the budget is concerned. Here are some things on choosing the best electric coffee grinder – what to look for?

antique coffee grinder

Coffee grinders have come a long way!

1. Grinding Method Efficiency: Blade VS Burr Coffee Grinders
There are two main coffee grinding methods used in most coffee grinder machines. These include blade grinders and burr grinders. Blade grinders work similarly to fruit blenders, with blades at that spin, chopping down the coffee beans at the bottom of the main container. The main disadvantage with blade grinders is that the grind can be somewhat inconsistent, thereby resulting in a sub-quality coffee flavor. On the other hand, burr grinders have a minimum of 2 cutting discs known as burrs, whose distance between each other determine the consistency of the final grind. Electric coffee grinders with burrs that are closer to each other are highly recommended if you’re looking for a grinder that produces a fine and consistent product. Top burr coffee grinder

2. Good Pricing and Performance Properties
• Blade Grinders:
Blade grinders are the most common and cheaper electric coffee grinder option in the market. if you are looking for just something to grind your coffee with for a low budget, a standard blade coffee grinder can cost as low as 15 or 20 USD online from sites such as Amazon. However, blade grinders are also extremely easy to operate. You only need to throw in the beans and press power for the process to start. The longer you leave the machine on, the less course your grind will be. However, inconsistency and lack of control of the process is one of the major challenges most owners of blade electric coffee grinder face. The spinning blades may also end up scorching, and heat up the beans/grinds, and leave an uneven product.

• Burr Grinders:
On the other hand, burr grinders work by crushing instead of cutting the coffee beans up. During the grinding process, the grind doesn’t end up getting heated up, meaning that this machine produces grinds that are more consistent and flavors that are more desirable. Burr grinders are relatively more expensive in comparison to blade versions. However, there are also many different varieties of burr grinders in the market, meaning that buying one will not necessarily guarantee you the best quality. To get the best results, go for a grinder whose burrs are made from stainless steel or ceramic. The machine’s power and the type of burr grinder will also have an impact on your brew quality will also matter a lot.

Burr Grinders Types: Burr grinders mostly come in two main types. These include conical burrs, and wheel/flat burrs. Conical burr coffee grinders are relatively gentle and slower in crushing coffee beans but do it evenly in the long run. With this type, you will achieve maximum flavors from your coffee grinds. On the other hand, flat burr grinders are often faster, but also a bit noisier in compassion with the conical version. The later is also slightly cheaper than the former when it comes to the budget aspect of it. However, some flat burr electric coffee grinders may cost more than their conical counterparts, especially depending on the type of blade and other product features for quality coffee grinding. On average, the burr type best electric coffee grinders can cost from $45 to around $550. Also, Burr grinders are available as either manual or automatic, both of which perform exceptionally well, with manual versions being relatively cheaper than their electric automatic variants.  Check out the Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill, one of Amazon’s best sellers.

3. Grinder Capacity: Doser Vs Doserless Grinder
As far as coffee volume is concerned, your options include dose and dose-less grinders. Doser grinders can typically handle batch coffee volumes in containers within the machine, which accommodate up to 6 dosages of coffee grounds. These can be perfect for huge homesteads or commercial setups. Most electric coffee grinder models are the doorless type, which is suitable for preparation of small to average quantities of ground coffee.

4. Low Appliance Maintenance and Cleaning
In comparison to the espresso machine, grinders are slightly less demanding regarding maintenance. However, you will still need to remove stale coffee from the appliance now and then, which would require taking the grinder apart. This is especially the case if you are more into darker coffee roasts, which tend to produce sticky oils that remain on the burrs. When left there for long, these remnants tend to interfere with the tastes of coffee from succeeding brews. The level of maintenance and cleaning needed will vary from brand to brand and model to model. Pulycaf and Cafiza are renowned best among the low-maintenance electric coffee grinder brands.

The Secura Electric Coffee Grinder is also a very good coffee grinder to consider in terms of the easy to grip design and the price, it is also very easy to clean and maintain.

5. Good Grinding Speed, Quality, and Operational Noise
When choosing the best electric coffee grinder, you will also need to consider the grinding speed of the machine, whether the burr or blade type. Some of the best electric coffee grinders consist of a high-speed motor connecting to the burrs either directly or through a gear-reduction unit. For a unit that offers a noiseless operation, quality uniform grind, and relatively fast operation, low-speed gear-reduction and direct-drive grinders may be the best option.

However, high-speed direct drive grinders are also great where time is always a factor, even though these are associated with lower quality grinds from heated-up grinds, and the noise produced during operation may be quite unpleasant. HS direct drive options are relatively cheaper than LS gear-reduction and LS direct drive grinders. Below are the options in summary. The gear reduction variant also consists of a high-speed motor, which connects to the grinder burrs through speed-reduction gears that help maintain the grinder’s power. Comparing the three of options, the direct-drive low-speed grinder is highly recommendable as far as the best electric coffee grinders are concerned.

• Direct drive high speed
• Direct drive low speed
• Reduction-gear high speed

6. Grind Size and Adjustment Options
Some units come with grind size adjustment options whereas others do not. The two main options include step-less and stepped adjustment grinders. Stepped grinders provide settings for particular grind sizes whereas, in step-less options, grind sizes can be infinite. The main function here is grind control.

On top of these, you may also want to think about your other features such as LCDs, time settings, and similar functions that an electric coffee grinder may come with, in addition to the machine settings. All in all, be sure to do your homework well, choose products from reputed brands, and buy your coffee grinding machine from a reputed mall or online store at an affordable price. Warranty is also a key factor to think about.

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