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Buyer’s Guide to the Best Drip Coffee Makers

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Drip Coffee Makers

There are hundreds of coffee makers on the market. Which to choose? Check out our buyers guide to the best drip coffee makers.

A drip coffee maker is, without doubt, a must-have appliance for any coffee enthusiast. In fact, it is the ease and speed at which this machine makes coffee that makes it an incredible addition to your kitchen’s countertop. However, there are a couple of considerations to make if you want to purchase the best drip coffee maker that will satisfy your needs as revealed by the comprehensive buyer’s guide outlined below.

12 Factors to Consider When Buying a Drip Coffee Maker

Here’s a list of the most important coffee maker technical specifications for review:

1. Sizes

Depending on your needs and the countertop space, you may choose to buy a full-size drip coffeemaker that is capable of brewing up to 12 cups or a smaller unit that can make 4 cups. There are 1 cup machines too which are ideal for travelers who want a freshly brewed cup of coffee when on the go.

2. Types

There are various types and models of drip coffee makers, and again the choice is dependent on your needs. There are those that come with integrated warming trays to keep the brewed coffee warm. Others have replaced the conventional glass carafe with an insulated thermal carafe. These models switch off automatically after brewing and use the carafes to keep the coffee warm. Either way, buy the type that best suits you the best.

3. Styles

Different machines will dispense coffee differently. There are some that will brew coffee, hold it the built-in tank and only dispense one cup at a time. There are others that will do more than making coffee. These are the units to go for if you want to grind coffee and brew it at a predetermined time. Most recent units come with a brew pause feature that lets you stop the flow of coffee long enough to pour a cup without waiting for the pot to finish.

4. Cup Capacity

Maybe this should be specification #1.  If you have several coffee drinkers, select something like a 12-cup maker.  If it is only one or two of you, look at the 4-cups.  And if you entertain often, a capacity brewer is ideal, especially when you need to brew coffee for large gatherings such as parties or weddings.

5. Design

The best drip coffee maker should have an ergonomic design that enhances the functionality. Purchase a machine that allows you to sneak a cup during the brewing process. A unit mounted with a water filter ensures that you brew better-tasting coffee beside reducing the accumulation of scale.

It is your choice for units that use paper or permanent filters. Machines using permanent filters are less expensive to run since there is no need to replace the paper filters. However, it is easier to get rid of coffee grounds with disposable paper liners and some will say that paper filters produce better tasting coffee.

6. Convenience and Safety

Check out the features and the safety of the unit you want to purchase. Top models come with a host of well thought out features such as automatic shutoff, alerts to notify you when brewing is done and an adjustable clock that allows you set the brewing time.

7. Carafe

The type of carafe is up to personal taste and preference. While some coffee enthusiasts love glass carafes that are placed on the heater plate others would rather use a machine that has an insulated thermal carafe to keep the coffee warm.

8. Size and Dimensions

The dimension of the drip coffee maker is determined by how large or small your countertop is. If you have space on your countertop, you may decide to go with a machine whose dimensions are large and vice versa.

9. Warranty and Support

The minimum warranty period for a drip coffee maker should be at least 3 years. In addition, ensure that the unit you buy provides telephone and email support just in case anything you need to contact the manufacturer.

10. Features

The features of a drip coffee maker significantly determine the performance and usability of the machine. Purchase a unit that has as many of the features that you want as possible. Go for the advanced models as they are most likely to have the latest technology. Read through the list of features before buying.

11. Cleaning and Maintaining

The best drip coffee maker should be easy to clean. Most coffeemakers get used every day, so cleaning time can add up.  Coffee can stain the machine if not properly cleaned. Decalcify the machine with vinegar or a good quality commercial cleaner every three months.

12. Customer Reviews

A highly rated drip coffee maker is likely to be of high quality. Ensure that you read the customer reviews on the manufacturer’s website. In so doing, you will be making the purchase from a point of information.

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Drip Coffee Makers

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Drip Coffee Makers

Best Drip Coffee Makers Benefits:

1. EasyBrewing –Brewing coffee is a breeze thanks to modern models that can brew at incredible speeds. You can even set the waiting time and watch as the coffee brews.

2. Coffee Stays Warm Longer – Most drip coffee makers have a hot plate beneath the coffee pot to keep the coffee warm over a prolonged period.

3. Produces Lighter Flavored Coffee – The quality of coffee made by drip coffee makers is velvety and with a delicious flavor. This is because these machines filter out oils to give better-tasting coffee.

4. Easy to Use – You don’t need prior coffee making experience to use a drip coffee maker effectively. Most come with user-friendly interfaces that can be used by anybody as long as they follow the prompts correctly.

5. Taste Just as Great as Those in Cafes – It ‘s hard to differentiate between the coffee brewed using a coffee maker and that made in a café. This is because drip coffee makers use the same precision as the one used in coffee shops.


The best drip coffee makers are the ones that gives value for money. While it is relatively tasking settling on the right machine, knowing a few things about these units will help you spend your money on a product that is worth it. The detailed guide above shows you precisely how to do it.